New Q & A provided by IDFPR on license transition

Learn more about transition through IDFPR’s recently posted Q&A for those making the transition. Topics include:

  •  What you need to submit.
  •  What do you do if you miss a deadline?
  • What will the license “look-up” page look like after May 1?
  • How what’s the state doing to help get license applications processed?
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Jon Broadbooks is Vice President/Communications for Illinois REALTORS®. He serves as editor of online and print content for the association’s communications including the Illinois REALTOR® magazine and e-newsletters. He conducts spokesperson training seminars and oversees website development for the Association.

3 thoughts on “New Q & A provided by IDFPR on license transition

  1. If transition application and the $275.00 payment is completed and mailed prior to April 30, 2012, will a sales person be allowed to stay active until they receive their brokers license?

  2. Who may legally proctor a transition course. Is it legal to take the Managing Broker’s course in one’s own office and have your secretary proctor the exam?

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