Rockford REALTORS® and IAR Governmental Affairs stall push for rental property licensing

Conor Brown, IAR Local Government Affairs Director

IAR Local Government Affairs Director (GAD) Conor Brown

According to an iReport from IAR Local Government Affairs Director (GAD) Conor Brown: “City of Rockford Alderman Ann Thompson-Kelly stood up on council floor last week to again push for requiring rental property owners to obtain a certificate of registration (licencing), a mandatory inspection and pay fees.”

Says Brown, Rockford Area REALTORS® secured a verbal commitment from Mayor Larry Morrissey to not pursue any of these and instead stick with simple landlord registration. The registration fees would be $20 per unit, plus inspection fees to be determined, a cost born by the property owner.

Conor Brown is IAR’s representative for the Belvidere, Northwestern Illinois, Heartland and Rockford Area REALTOR® organizations.

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3 thoughts on “Rockford REALTORS® and IAR Governmental Affairs stall push for rental property licensing

  1. I tell you, I just can’t say enough good things about that Conor Brown! Woot, woot!

  2. unless there’s more to the story, it looks as if the mayor’s proposals are the same as the alderperson’s.

  3. I’m wondering what the original intent of this was for. All I can see is that it’s more money for the city or State, and would increase rents. It would be useful if somehow it would put a stop to “slum landlords” milking a building, and not improving it. However, if something is not deteriorated/rotting/worn out, you can’t force a landlord to improve the building. For example, old drafty window frames that still function, etc…

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