A look at what’s featured in the October issue of Illinois REALTOR® magazine

Stepping Out of the Shadows

Shadow inventory. Those simple words stand for something that can have a big impact on the housing market. You’ve probably heard the term used by economists and real estate professionals, but what exactly is shadow inventory and what does it mean for your local market?

Putting the short in short sales

The times may be changing for transactions involving distressed properties as more banks become open to short sales and federal and lender changes are put in place to make them more attractive and efficient.

RPR service expands to include commercial data for members

Illinois REALTORS® with a commercial focus will soon have a new tool to help pull together valuable market data and analysis they need.

Thinking small can lead to big success

Three REALTORS® share their tips on building a business in a smaller community.


Illinois REALTOR® members:
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