The scorecard: Where bills of interest to IAR members stand as session’s end draws near

The spring session of the Illinois General Assembly is supposed to be done Friday. Already, IAR’s team of lobbyists has been hard at work through the holiday weekend monitoring the action.

Here’s a quick status update on where the issues stand. (And if you want to see the actual text/status of the bill, go here.)

  • SB 1655- Real Estate License Law  PASSED HOUSE/ON SENATE CONCURRENCE
  • SB 41 – erroneous homestead exemptions  PASSED BOTH CHAMBERS- TO GOV.
  • SB 92 – Auctioneers/Real Estate sales  SECOND READING IN HOUSE (amend.filed)
  • HB 2832- fraudulent filings PASSED SENATE/ON HOUSE CONCURRENCE
  • HB 2905- penalty for clouding title PASSED SENATE/ON HOUSE CONCURRENCE
  • HB 2764- Real Estate signs along highways THIRD READING IN SENATE 
And here is a list of DEAD bills:
  • SB 1244 – Lake County surcharge on documents
  • SB 2230 – Clean-up to compulsory sales language
  • SB 1961 – Asbestos regulation transfer to IEPA
  • SB 1924 – Developer assessment/subdivisions in foreclosure


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