REALTOR® success can hinge on asking clients how they seek information

Nobu Hata

REALTORS® need to put a premium on finding out how prospective clients are getting information about the real estate market.

Nobu Hata, director of digital engagement for the National Association of REALTORS®, told those attending a session that it’s time to accept that consumer habits have changed.

“Let go of legacy,” Hata said. “We are an industry stuck in the past.”

He urged REALTORS® to ask every client to tell them in detail how they are searching for property and what sites they visit.

Among the take-aways:

  • You are already practicing in tomorrow’s market. The technology is deeply rooted, powerful and cheap.The Web is social, and social requires work.

  • The technology revolution is no longer an age thing. All ages are using technology, particularly when it comes to real estate search.

  • Take what you have that is people-oriented and collaborative. “Do things that people don’t know was important.” Don’t treat people like leads, treat them like people.

  • We work in an information-hungry world. Use to see where you need to be marketing.

  • “If you are spending all your time on facebook, you’re not spending enough time on your business,” Hata said.

  • Perceptions are a big deal. Ask how you can differentiate yourself. Read NAR’s research on how people search as a way to start. The report is here.

People are getting more specific on what they are searching for. Instead of typing in “houses for sale,” they are typing in two-bedroom condos for sale.”

“Getting specific is going to be huge going forward,” Hata said.

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