REALTORS® and Illinois’ new concealed carry law

IAR Chief Legal Counsel Steve Bochenek

Earlier this year, Illinois became the final state to pass a Firearm Concealed Carry Act. In a recent D.R. Legal News article, Illinois Association of REALTORS® Chief Legal Counsel Steve Bochenek covered what Illinois REALTORS® need to know in terms of the new law and how it may impact their brokerage offices.

From his article:

The concealed carry law in Illinois is already in effect but the right to carry concealed firearms was delayed to allow the Illinois State Police six months to adopt rules and to allow for training and obtaining permits for concealed carry. There are issues that you will need to consider in connection with this new legislation. One consideration for you in the operation of your business is whether you will allow concealed carry in your office or offices. The statute is clear that if you own the property in which your office is located that you can prohibit concealed carry in your office. It is not clear from the statute that a lessee can prohibit concealed carry within their office.

If you are a lessee of the building in which your office is located and want to prohibit concealed carry you should post the required signage at the entrance to your building or office space. If someone wants to question your authority to post such a sign that would be an issue that would then need to be dealt with at a later date. Also, you may want to have a discussion with your sponsored licensees as regards their discussing this issue with the owners of properties listed with your company.

The question will be whether the owner prohibits or allows concealed carry on the property they own. A form of sign has been published which indicates that an owner of property does not permit concealed carry on their property. Although residential owners do not need to post such a sign they may choose to do so just to inform third parties that you may be showing through the property. Also, you may want to consider including a note or a comment on the multiple listing service information indicating whether concealed carry is permitted.

Illinois State Police Concealed Carry FAQ | Concealed Carry Prohibited Area Sign

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