Fees for real estate signs nixed in Chicago Heights

The Chicago Heights City Council has amended and repealed part of an ordinance that required a permit and fee to place real estate For Sale signs.

Tom Joseph, a governmental affairs director for IAR, reports the action on Monday came after work by the association and the Mainstreet Organization of REALTORS® to get the rules changed.

The fees had been in place for decades and were a byproduct of home rule authority. The ordinance called for a $50 sticker that had to be obtained to place a For Sale sign in front of a residence. The sticker was good for just six months.

To get a sticker, a REALTOR® had to adhere to a 16-point list of guidelines which at one time required an agent to take the sign to the city to be measured for compliance. The rules were widely seen as restricting real estate sales.

The antiquated ordinance was believed to have raised only $7,000 to $7,500 annually.

In the case of a property that was a bank-owned property, sales could take much longer than six months. The result was that many REALTORS® doing business in Chicago Heights opted to forgo putting any signs up at all.

After hearing from REALTORS®, the Chicago Heights City Council under the leadership of their first-term Mayor David Gonzalez, worked with IAR/MORe government affairs and repealed the required permit and fee. The mayor wants REALTORS® to promote the community as a place to live.

For more information on this, contact IAR Governmental Affairs Director Tom Joseph at tjoseph@iar.org.

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About Tom Joseph

Tom Joseph is the Illinois Association of REALTORS® local Government Affairs Director (GAD) representing the Kankakee-Iroquois-Ford, Mainsteet Organization and Three Rivers Associations of REALTORS®.

6 thoughts on “Fees for real estate signs nixed in Chicago Heights

  1. Great Job Tom. Congratulations and thank you for all your hard work.This is such great news for the industry and any Realtor that had to make the tough choice of not spending money on a sign permit with an expiration which we knew was not realistic.
    It’s wonderful that the Mayor of Chicago Heights David Gonzales moved to remove it for Ordiance.

  2. Going back to the 1980’s no sign lawsuit filed by our Board of Realtors against many South Suburban Communities that sprung this sign fee thing with the municipalities, its been along up hill battle to get them to rescind these fee ordinances. As a former chair on the Government Affairs Committee I know the battle that has to be fought in the trenches to get things like this done. I have to commend Tom Joseph and the committee for their persistance not only with Chicago Heights but Country Clubs Hills also. This helps close another wound for the late 80’s that has cost us Realtors hundreds of thousands of dollars of the years. This is a perfect example of why each and every member should make a donation to RPAC each and every year.

  3. Great job, Tom!! Thank you for all your ongoing hard work for us. This was a long, tough battle. Glad Mayor Gonzalez agreed and repealed this ordinance. This is just one fine example of why every single member should make at least their fair share donation to RPAC!! Thank you!!

  4. Love what the IAR was able to accomplish with Tom Joesph’s effort. Very happy the sign permit was changed. Great Job………

  5. This is great news! It’s been an extra fee that didn’t need to be. Thanks for working so diligently on this Tom. Keep up the good work!!

  6. Tom, our members and the consumers we serve need to understand this is a significant victory removing an outdated ordinance, rooted in unrational fear. As long as it stayed in exsistence, it constantly defiled the substance of what fair-housing is all about. When we address the genuine reason of why something like this was created originally, a big huge shame mark resides with the leadership of this village. No matter the diversity of a community, they stay vibrant and increase in value when the leadership make their focus on daily improving the quality of life there. I am so proud of your “pit-bull” style of years of due diligence, persistent reminding them to right a very wrong; another vital example of what it takes to shift years of bad thinking. So grateful to you!

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