Key question for leasing agents: How much CE do I have?

Q. How can I find out what continuing education hours I already have?

Use the Illinois Association of REALTORS(R) Education Lookup to check your education credits for courses taken — and passed — through the Illinois Association of REALTORS(R) Licensing & Training Center.

To see more information on the leasing agent license renewal, check out the full list of questions and answers.

2014 IAR Legislative Scorecard: Notable victories for Illinois REALTORS® and private property rights

The 2014 spring session of the Illinois General Assembly was a busy one and the Illinois Association of REALTORS® (IAR) team of lobbyists and our 41,000 members worked to stop bad policy, alter flawed legislation, advocate IAR initiatives and promote the interests of our membership, their clients and customers.

The 2014 Legislative Scorecard highlights 14 notable victories including:

  • SB 3044 passed protecting the REALTOR®’s ability to provide BPOs/CMAs
  • SB 2664 passed, limiting the amount of money a prospective buyer of a foreclosed condo would pay for past due costs and legal fees.
  • The State Fire Marshal released a formal pledge to work with stakeholders (including REALTORS®) on any future fire sprinkler mandate initiatives.
  • A REALTOR®-supported executive order created a NEW Division of Real Estate within IDFPR.

First of three REALTOR®-built Habitat houses gets dedication


Kristen Beck, center, who received a Habitat for Humanity home built by Illinois REALTORS® in Murphysboro on Saturday, June 28, 2014, poses with some of those who worked on the home. Beck will live in the house with her four children. (Photos provided by Charay Brewer, AE, Egyptian Association of REALTORS®)

Illinois REALTORS® celebrated with a new homeowner Saturday in Murphysboro during a ceremony that ended the first of the association’s three Habitat for Humanity builds in the state this year.

REALTORS® helped build this Habitat home in Murphysboro, Ill. It is one of three a being built in the state this year by Illinois REALTORS®

Kristen Beck moved into the new home in Southern Illinois with her four children. Scores of REALTORS® donated time to work on the project.

Another Habitat project is under way in Springfield, and a third kicks off next week in Aurora.

In the Southern Illinoisan, Egyptian Association of REALTORS® Association Executive Charay Brewer  said:

“It gives us a chance to demonstrate that we care more about people than the commission,” Charay Brewer, Egyptian Board of Realtors association executive, said. “Commissions are nice, but when you can actually take part in something positive in your communities that really makes us feel good.”

The dedication was also covered by WSIL, the local television station.

The build came about as part of an effort to Show the Power of R. IAR President Phil Chiles made the Murphysboro project and two others in the state a priority for his year in office.

It’s not too late to sign up for the Springfield or Aurora builds. Go here for more information. The Aurora build dates begin on Monday, July 7.


In Case You Missed It: Top IARbuzz blog posts from last week

In case you missed it, here are four of the top IARbuzz blog posts from last week:

Take action now; urge Gov. Quinn to sign condo foreclosure bill

SB2664 makes needed changes to the Condominium Property Act by limiting some of the money buyers of foreclosed condos face paying at closing.The bill is on Gov. Pat Quinn’s desk awaiting signature, and your help is needed now.

Why is this bill important? The financial crisis left hundreds of foreclosed condos throughout the state. Now that the market is regaining momentum, the current law is an impediment to getting these properties back into private ownership.

Current law allows condo associations to force buyers to pay six months of regular assessments, any past due special assessments, fines and legal fees. That can add thousands of dollars to a transaction. SB 2664 sets the maximum amount that a buyer must pay at nine months times the “regular monthly assessments” for the unit.

The current law is written in such a way that a buyer can walk into a closing thinking they owe one amount, only to find out they are getting socked with a much larger closing cost. SB2664 provides a better advance notice that should take the mystery out of what amount a buyer ultimately has to pay.

There are ways you can help fight for property rights

1. Go to this website, fill out the form and cut and paste the text of one of three letters IAR has crafted (Here, here and here). These messages go straight to the Governor’s office.

2. Call the Governor’s office at (217) 782-0244. Tell officials there that you want him to sign SB2664. Make sure your call is recorded as being in support of SB2664. It’s unlikely you will be asked for details.

3. Print out one of the three letters IAR’s team of lobbyists have crafted. (find them herehere and here) Add your name and address to it, sign it and send it to: The Honorable Pat Quinn, Governor of Illinois, State Capitol, Room 207, Springfield, IL 62706.

Your voice matters. IAR needs a strong showing of support for this bill. Already, previous calls to action have flooded lawmakers’ inboxes and phone lines. Now we need to make sure Gov. Pat Quinn knows how important an issue this is to our members.

Show the Power of R. Take action on SB2664 today!