Broker License Renewal: Only eight more days until April 30 deadline

We are just eight days away from the April 30 real estate broker license renewal deadline set by the Illinois Department of Financial & Professional Regulation (IDFPR).

Brokers, what do you need to do?

First, check the IDFPR CE Look Up and IAR Education Look Up to see if you have completed the required Education for your renewal category.

Brokers who transitioned from the salesperson license or were licensed BEFORE Feb. 1, 2012 need 12 hours of CE (minimum of 6 hours Core CE and maximum 6 hours elective CE).

Brokers who were licensed under the new 90-hour prelicensing requirements whose first license EXPIRES April 30, 2014 just complete and pass the 30-hour Broker Post-License Course.

Brokers licensed ON OR AFTER Feb. 1, 2014 do not renew until April 30, 2016.

If you’ve completed all the required Education, it’s time to submit your renewal application to IDFPR along with the $150 State of Illinois licensing fee by April 30, 2014.

If you still need some Education, what are your options with just eight days left?

1 – Brokers who need 12 hours CE or just a few more CE credits

If you are just getting started, IAR offers an online 12-Hour Package plus online proctored exam, that will take care of all the requirements for just $98. Timing is important. You must schedule your online proctored exam 72 hours in advance, which means don’t put this off until the last day!

If you just need a few CE credits, you can take a home study course or online course and schedule your proctored exam via Some classroom options remain.

2 – Brokers who need the 30-hour Broker Post-License Course

Take the “last chance” April 28 & 29 Broker Post License Applied Real Estate Practices 15-hour interactive course, which includes the proctored exam.

Combine the interactive course with the 15-hour Broker Post License Topics home study to complete the 30-hour requirement.

The clock is ticking! Questions?


Last Chance Education Options: Are you Safe, or Risky?

We are down to the final nine days to complete your ​education and renew your license. If you contact anyone in the Education Department at IAR we will be able to give you down-to-the-minute details of exactly how much time you have left​​!

To be safe you would need to order your CE, or Broker Post licensing courses now in order to complete and pass a proctored exam prior to the renewal deadline. Waiting another week may be risky in the case where you are not able to find a proctor quickly, or in the case of a failing exam grade.

Q: I live out of state. Is there still time to complete my CE and renew my license?

There is time with our convenient online 12-hour package that offers online testing with anywhere/anytime proctoring which is ideal for out-of-state students who don’t have access to a proctor. Click here for details.

Q: I can’t find a 15-hour Broker Post license interactive course in my area. Are there home study or online options available for that course?

There are no home study or online options for the Broker Post license interactive, however IAR does have a webinar option available that you can take from your home or office on April 28 & 29, 2014. Contact the Education Team at for details!