Story can help you and your buyers avoid financial roadblocks

Watch your mailbox for the July edition of Illinois REALTOR®, which includes a feature story about helping buyers avoid obstacles with mortgages.

Look for the story titled “Helping Buyers Navigate the Mortgage Maze.” It’s one of several informative articles you’ll see in this 32-page issue.

If you’re not in your office or your paper version of the magazine isn’t handy, the online version of the story is just a click away.

Illinois REALTOR® story offers 6 mortgage ideas to consider

Check the July issue of Illinois REALTOR® to find six ways to help buyers get mortgage financing this summer.

The story, “Show them the money: Mortgage options that could help your buyers get into homes,” could provide you with timely reminders of what’s available for Illinois buyers.  For example, check out the “@HomeIllinois” program that opened in March. Or consider the 3 percent down payment options for Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.

Need more? Get three more options now.

Cover story: Get ready for TILA-RESPA Integrated Disclosure

Be prepared for the changes coming to real estate transactions in Illinois and read the cover story of the July Illinois REALTOR®.

The online version of the story “TILA-RESPA Integrated Discosure: Are you ready?” will help you better understand the costs, features and risks of the mortgage loans your buyers apply for, so you can help them understand, too.

The story provides background information on the current process and forms, and briefly explains why they were developed. Then, you’ll get a description of how those changes could affect future transactions.

In addition to this story, you’ll see links to other resources on the subject, including:

  • An audio recording of the May 4 webinar sponsored by IAR and the Illinois Banker’s Association;
  • An NAR video by Senior Counsel Finley Maxson;
  • A June 25 IAR legal webinar.

Watch your mailbox for the arrival of the July Illinois REALTOR®.

Do you love the digital version of Illinois REALTOR®?

Dive into the digital version of the July Illinois REALTOR® and check out this issue’s feature stories, columns and photos from the convenience of your tablet, laptop or desktop computer.

You’ll see stories about:

  • TILA-RESPA Integrated Disclosure;
  • Hints for helping buyers through the borrowing process;
  • Photos from Capitol Hill;
  • Illinois REALTORS® of the Year;
  • IDFPR’s Bryan Schneider; and
  • Foreclosure trends.

The digital format of our quarterly magazine allows you to see the pages the way you would see the printed magazine pages, but with the added ability to increase the size of each page for reading convenience.

Illinois REALTOR® and Harvard data can improve your approach

Look at the digital version of April’s Illinois REALTOR® for information that will help you better serve aging clients and potentially gain referrals for your expertise.

After reading the article “Harvard research identifies looming senior housing issues,” you may conclude that identifying and meeting the needs of Baby Boomers will become increasingly important for your business.

For example, as a higher percentage of the population faces health problems and mobility issues, Illinois seniors may find accessibility more difficult because of multi-level homes, winter weather or other accessibility issues. But by understanding the challenges cited in Harvard research, you may be better able to identify – and make yourself knowledgeable about – local solutions.