Illinois REALTOR® and Harvard data can improve your approach

Look at the digital version of April’s Illinois REALTOR® for information that will help you better serve aging clients and potentially gain referrals for your expertise.

After reading the article “Harvard research identifies looming senior housing issues,” you may conclude that identifying and meeting the needs of Baby Boomers will become increasingly important for your business.

For example, as a higher percentage of the population faces health problems and mobility issues, Illinois seniors may find accessibility more difficult because of multi-level homes, winter weather or other accessibility issues. But by understanding the challenges cited in Harvard research, you may be better able to identify – and make yourself knowledgeable about – local solutions.

Illinois REALTOR®: Review the basics of staging for senior homes

In the April issue of Illinois REALTOR®, discover how you can stage the homes of mature owners using compassion and practicality. And you can do it without breaking the bank!

REALTORS® Leslie Ebersole and Craig Schiller of Baird & Warner’s Fox Valley office explain how to balance the sensitivity they must provide owners with the reality of showcasing the most attractive features of a house.

Then, get your customers the best price by using the seven steps outlined in “Staging the Senior Home. ”

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Illinois REALTOR®: 5 ways to help senior homebuyers and sellers

Give yourself an edge when it comes to helping mature homeowners buy or sell their homes, and read the cover story of April Illinois REALTOR® magazine.

It’s titled “5 Senior Homebuyer & Seller Issues Solved,” and it tackles a topic that will be important to your success for the next five years or more. As Baby Boomers continue to age, understanding and meeting their needs will become critical to their satisfaction.

Make sure you read this article before your next appointment. It might give you the insight you need to help someone close to you.

Digital version of April magazine available now

The April 2015 edition of Illinois REALTOR® magazine is due to hit your mailbox any day. But the digital version is available with just a click of your mouse.

The 32-page April edition features several stories on helping mature homeowners now and in the near future, but you’ll also find reports on our lobbying efforts, the IAR Citation Program, serving international clients and the housing market.

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This REALTOR® succeeds by doing what no one else wants to do

If you’re looking for a unique time management approach, follow the example set by Connie Scott of Rolling Meadows and tackle the difficult jobs before you progress to the easier ones.


Scott’s tactic is one of several outlined in the January edition of Illinois REALTOR® magazine. The story “Get More Time Out of Your Day,” explains how some IAR members have discovered techniques that work. The key is finding ideas that provide you with the right results. With the right time management tool, you can enhance your productivity, improve your bottom line or achieve a better balance between your work and your home life.

In addition to Scott, IAR members Angie Lotz of Bloomingdale and Mike Van Cleve of Peoria advocate for time blocking and adapting to changing market conditions. Renowned speaker Ashton Gustafson finds success by avoiding multitasking, and the National Association of REALTORS® offers a collection of ideas.

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